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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Check for null in FreeMarker 2.4

With the preview of FreeMarker version 2.4 available, a few enhancements to the template language have really improved FreeMarker's appeal.

Providing a check for "null" is one of the largest enhancements that make it easier for developers to transition to FreeMarker from other view technologies. View the (preview announcement).

Previously in 2.3 and below, a "null" value was essentially treated as a missing variable. The missing value operator was the suggested way of testing for null, as the word "null" is not a reserved word in the template language. Here's a look at the 2.3 documentation on treating undefined variables and null values.

FreeMarker 2.3 and Pre - Missing Value Operator
Assume aVariable is null or not defined.

<#if aVariable??>

If you wanted to check if a string was empty or null in FreeMarker, you might have used has_content, one of the "Seldom used and expert built-ins"

Assume aVariable is null or not defined.

<#if aVariable?has_content>


<#if aVariable!?size > 0 or aVariable!?length > 0>

FreeMarker 2.4 Enhancement
2.4 is now null-aware with other template language enhancements, making null a reserved word in 2.4.


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