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Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Don't think the economy is doing well? Think that it will get worse? There is a fund out there for bears to sink their teeth into the market, tripling down their bet on the further decline of financial and capital markets.

I'm bullish on financial bear, as I'll need to see one of three things to start selling off my holding:

  • Unemployment rates decline.
  • Foreclosure rates decline.
  • Standard of living increase.
It recently ran to as high as 200 when news came out that Paulson would not use bailout money towards its original intention of buying troubled assets from financial firms and Citibank needed an additional cash infusion. Comboed with the indexes at their lows in late November, this fund ran hyper.

The next coming weeks this fund will see a decline, but this one could run through the same scenario, dependent on whether or not Congress will give Paulson the second half of this bailout.


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