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Monday, July 6, 2009

Preparable CRUD actions with multiple prepare methods

Many of the Struts2 Tutorials guide you towards stuffing multiple CRUD operations for a single entity within a single action. Sounds nice, but what happens when you need to prepare these actions differently?

Your first instinct might tell you to implement multiple actions for that one entity (one per CRUD operation, or maybe even stuff two inside one action).

However, you can add multiple prepare{METHOD}() like prepareDoDelete(),
prepareDoUpdate(). If you follow this convention, the appropriate prepare method will be called before your action method.

The following is a snippet from the Struts 2 Documentation at:

In PrepareInterceptor

Applies only when action implements Preparable

1. if the action class have prepare{MethodName}(), it will be invoked
2. else if the action class have prepareDo(MethodName()}(), it will be invoked
3. no matter if 1] or 2] is performed, if alwaysinvokePrepare property of the interceptor is "true" (which is by default "true"), prepare() will be invoked.